Made To Order Doyle & Field Jackets Loro Piana Zenit Cashmere-Vicuña

Epaulet x Rochester Tailored Clothing

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our NEW custom Doyle and Field Jacket program. These two iconic shapes will now be produced by Rochester Tailored Clothing at the historic Hickey Freeman factory in New York.

The video explains it best... but in short - this is the most luxurious fabric that Hickey Freeman has at its factory. Hailing from the Loro Piana "Zenit" collection, this incredibly beautiful cream & mocha check is a blend of 90% cashmere, 5% vicuña, and 5% silk. It's the most gorgeous fabric that we've ever felt. The cloth is a lightweight 3-season flannel with a classic Italian pattern. 

This fabric was purchased in 2019 and the original Hickey Freeman retail was over $3500. There is enough inventory for approximately 2 jackets, and we've slashed that price. Once these jackets are gone, this fabric is gone for good. Hickey has no plans to restock it. 

Here's how it works...

1. Our in-house designs will be precisely machine-cut and meticulously handcrafted by the best and oldest tailored clothing factory in the United States. 

2. You can choose from 16 different buttons.. including a beautiful range of natural mother-of-pearl options. 

3. The interior seams of every jacket are fully taped and finished, and you can choose from 16 different fabric colors for this inside taping. 

4. An embroidered name label will be placed inside your jacket to personalize it

5. Sleeve length and body length can be modified in 0.5" increments. Chest sizes from 34 to 48 are available.  

The Doyle Jacket
The Doyle is our loving homage to the classic French work jacket. Two open patch pockets sit at the hip. They're doubled against the body, allowing your hands to use them both from the side and from the top. A single exterior pocket and a long interior pocket sit on either sides of the chest. The sleeves close with a functional single cuff, and can be unbuttoned and pushed up your forearms. The rear is single vented and the soft top point collar cuts a rakish profile whether open or closed. 

The Field Jacket
This piece is a military-styled variant of the Doyle which works brilliantly with both casual and biz-caz looks. Sizing on this piece is identical to the Doyle. The Fatigue jacket has four button flap pockets on the front, functional single-button cuffs, and a single-vented back. 

Measurements & Sizing

"Note: All measurements are shown in inches. For the Doyle jacket, "Chest" is measured from one seam under the armpit to the other. "Shoulder" is measured from one shoulder seam to the other, on the rear of the shirt. "Sleeve" is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve. "Length" is measured from the base of the collar (where it attaches to the jacket body) to the bottom of the tail. 


SIZE Chest
Shoulder Length
US 34 18.5" 24" 17" 26.5"
US 36 19.5" 24.5" 17.5" 27"
US 38 20.5" 25" 18" 28"
US 40 21.5" 25.5" 18.5" 28.5"
US 42 22.5" 26" 19" 29"
US 44 23.5" 26.5" 19.5" 29.5"
US 46 24.5" 27" 20" 30"
US 48 25.5" 27.5" 20.5" 30.5"


Order terms

1. All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order.

2. Delivery is scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks from order placement. 

3. Fabric availability can change on a daily basis. After you place your order, we'll immediately submit it with RTC. If the fabric is unavailable, you will be notified within a few working days.