Cotton Reusable Facemask Random of 10 (USA shipping included)

Epaulet by Individualized

May we introduce this gorgeous collection of handmade resuable facemasks! By popular demand, we're offering a value pack of 10 masks, giving you a ton of options for your daily looks. The exact fabrics in each pack will be our choice, but you'll get at least 8 distinct designs and 2 possible duplicates.

1) Each piece is made by the unionized craftspeople of Individualized Shirts in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

2) The fabrics are high-end shirting cottons from either Italy or Japan. 

3) Each mask is crafted of three layers of cotton and lined with a strip of cotton-synthetic fusable cloth in the center. Elastic bands keep it securely anchored over your ears. 

4) Each piece measures 7" long by 4.25" high. The shape is unisex, but intended for adult use. 

5) This comfortable mask provides modest filtration and is easy to breathe through. It is not intended for medical or professional use. 



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