Necktie in Di Pray Cashew Raindrop Tweed Wool

Epaulet New York

Lanificio Di Pray is one of our favorite woolen mills on Earth, and this mid-weight tweed is one of the countless reasons why. With its soft cashew brown color tone and its intricate "raindrop" pique structure, it offers the gorgeous textures and unexpected color tones that they're famous for. The resulting necktie is beefy but still subdued enough for a conservative suit. We adore this one! 

It measures 3 inches wide across the tip and 57 inches long. This is a versatile "everyday" size that compliments nearly any shirt collar and jacket lapel. 

Each tie has a genuine wool interlining and the end is "self-tipped" with the same shell fabric as the body. They have an excellent drape and offer a superior knot when tied.

Made in partnership with Brooks Brothers, Epaulet neckties are hand-crafted in New York City. We've searched through their fabric archives for the most luxurious "ends" of fabric -- goods that were initially procured for suit and sportcoat production -- and we've repurposed them into a striking collection of traditional neckties. Each one is limited in stock, and once a fabric is gone, it cannot be produced again. We purchase these fabrics at a discount, and we're happy to pass those savings along and offer a truly exceptional product for the price.