Made To Order Tuxedo Suiting

Epaulet by Southwick

We're thrilled to announce our newest program to the Southwick collection - Made-to-Order Tuxedo Suiting! Working with our signature fits you can choose an array of details including: three lapel shapes, three jacket models, five trousers and an array of custom tuxedo features like grosgrain or satin trim.  Each tuxedo will be expressly made for you by the esteemed Southwick Clothes of Haverhill, Massachusetts. 

We've partnered with Southwick and Vitale Barberis Canonico to offer the three most classic Tuxedo year-round fabrics: Black Barberis Twill, Midnight Barberis Twill and Ivory Barberis Twill. Supremely comfortable and elegant separates are woven from luxurious pure wool yarn in one of Italy's oldest and most venerable family mills. 

CLICK HERE to view our full size charts and descriptions on all our jacket & trouser models.


Body Length & Sleeve Length: Order our standard, or select length from dropdown menu. Sleeve length can be specified at a specific sleeve inseam (down to a half inch measurement) in our Additional Comments box. 

Lapels: Notch, Peak or Shawl

Tuxedo Trim: Grosgrain or Satin trim on jacket and trousers

Pockets: Welt or open patch breast pockets. Inset with flap, open patch, or open patch with flap hip pockets.

Lining: The shoulders will be lined with your choice of fabric. The body is unlined and finished. 

Buttons & Sleeve Finish: Choose from a lineup of horn resin buttons, metal buttons, or genuine mother-of-pearl buttons. Sleeves can be unfinished, partially finished, or functional (Surgeon's Cuffs)

Waist: Our standard shape generally works for a Drop 5 to Drop 7. So if you wear a size 40 jacket, the waist should taper well from a 33 to a 35 pant. If you require more or less room in the waist, please specify in full inch increments in Additional Comments.

If you're new to Epaulet altogether, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We're very experienced with fitting customers remotely.

Order terms

1. All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order.

2. Delivery is scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks from order placement. 

3. Domestic orders will be shipped directly to you from the factory. International orders will be sent from Epaulet.

4. Fabric availability can change on a daily basis. After you place your order, we'll immediately submit it with Southwick. If the fabric is unavailable, you will be notified within 2 working days.