Sashiko Throw Blanket Project (August Delivery)


This is preorder project that will ship by mid-August

Our Sashiko Throw Blanket is the official best-selling product of 2021! With over 400 units produced and sold, it's a stylish and practical year-round item that grows ever better with wash and wear. It makes for an amazing gift too! 

By popular demand, we're running a quick preorder for a new batch of blankets. We have enough cloth on hand for 100 pieces, and the final products will ship within the next four weeks. We've discounted it's MSRP of $125 to $95 for this preorder. While it's great for use outdoors, it's also a lovely accent for the inside of your home. Five colors are available... Natural, Indigo, Olive, Shadow Ink, and the new Fluorescent Yellow! 

Its generous size is 80in x 56 inches (2m x 1.4m), and it works on the couch, at the beach, or at the park. If you get it dirty, then go ahead and wash it on the hottest setting. This can stand up to anything! All edges are fully taped and bound.

Epaulet Japanese Sashiko Fabric

Our classic pure cotton Sashiko cloth is woven in Japan for use in martial arts uniforms. Known as Dogi (cloth of the way), this fabric has a thick pique weave with well-defined "rice gain" structure. It allows natural stretch and flexing with movement, it absorbs moisture and stays away from your skin and it gains exceptional tensile strength.. far above a comparable twill weave. Given the large texture of the weave, you can expect a nice patina with wear. 

Each Sashiko blanket begins its journey as a stiff, neutral white garment. It's plunged into an organic reactive dye bath for about 48 hours.. allowing the pigment to entirely soak through its distinctive "rice grain" texture. The soft drape and comfort of this final product cannot be overstated! 

 Each piece is made from start to finish in Los Angeles, California.