Nuovo Unconstructed Sportcoat in Di Pray Walnut Donegal Tweed

Epaulet by Southwick

May we present the perfect sportcoat. Every man needs one, and this piece offers a flawless fit, contemporary Italian style, and peerless fabrication. And each one is hand-made in the United States!

This particular piece is in gorgeous pure wool donegal tweed from Italy's Lanificio Di Pray. The colors are a handsome Fall mixture of walnut, tan, ecru, and pumpkin. Its 10oz weight and soft hand make for a lighter and more comfortable variant of the typical tweed sportcoat. This color matches brilliantly to grey, navy, olive, pale khaki, and indigo trousers, chinos, and jeans. We used all of the available fabric for production, so this is the only chance to get this unique donegal tweed in a magnificent ready-to-wear jacket. 

The Nuovo is our premiere unconstructed sportcoat with Southwick clothes. Designed with a bold and masculine Neopolitan silhouette, it offers a light and comfortable fit with its unpadded shoulders and unlined body. The overall garment is built with thin layers of horsehair canvas, allowing for a free range of motion. 

Its rakish four inch lapels and defined waist offer a very current and versatile look. The shoulders are hand-tailored with spalla camicia (shirt sleeve) construction, allowing them to drape naturally over the shoulders without altering their profile. Open patch pockets sit at the hip and a welt pocket sits on the breast. Dark horn resin buttons finish everything off. 


SIZE Chest
Shoulder Length
US 38 19.75" 25" 17.5" 29.75"
US 39 20.25" 25" 17.75" 29.75"
US 40 20.75" 25" 18" 30"
US 41 21.25" 25" 18.25" 30"
US 42 21.75" 25.25" 18.5" 30.25"
US 43 22.25"
18.75" 30.25"
US 44 22.75"
19" 30.5"