21oz Heavyweight Sashiko Tote Bag Project


This is a preorder project that will ship by the end of November. These will be cut to order and all sales are final. This product is excluded from all discount codes.

Introducing the very best tote bag on Earth!  Milled in Kyoto, Japan, we sourced exactly 92 yards of the heaviest sashiko cloth that we could find. It's nearly twice the weight of the fabric that we use for our jackets! We'll build this into a minimal unisex tote shape, finish it with well-considered details, and dye it in your choice of seven colors. It's made from start to finish in Los Angeles. 

Exactly 90 units can be made, and once these are sold, they are gone for good. This incredible heavyweight cloth will not return! Check out the video below and scroll down for more details. You'll save a cool $40 off the retail price of $135, and with end November delivery, this will make an exceptional holiday gift for a loved one!

  • The Tote Bag measures 17 inches wide by 16 inches deep. It's a comfortable unisex size that has a ton of carrying capacity. Please note that Undyed Natural sashiko measures approximately 1.5" larger in both dimensions. 
  • Our 21oz Sashiko Cloth is milled in Kyoto, Japan. It has a pronounced "rice grain" pique weave and one of the highest tensile strength ratings of any natural fiber. This fabric is incredibly durable and will age and fade beautifully with years of wear. 
  • Woven thick cotton straps can be comfortably worn over the shoulder or in your hand. 
  • The bag has one external pocket, one internal pocket, and will close with a hidden snap at the top. The sides are reinforced with heavy gauge stitching and the same herringbone trim that we use on our Rivet Chinos.
  • You can choose one of seven colors for your Tote Bag. Azure (pictured in the sample), Army Green, Merlot, and Mink are the exact same tones as our Styleforum Doyle Jackets. Shadow Ink is the same color as our Parka. And Magenta is a brand new shade that's sure to be rad and eye-catching!
  • Undyed Sashiko is entirely natural and unwashed. As this fabric is deadstock, it may have small marks on the surface. This is unavoidable as you use the bag, given its light tone. 
  • The Tote Bag is colorfast and completely machine washable (cold water, hang dry).
  • We have enough inventory for 90 units of production. Once they're claimed, that's it for this incredible fabric. Don't miss out! 
  • Each piece is made from start to finish in Los Angeles, California


1) Preorders will be accepted until midnight Monday, Nov 18th

2) Finished bags are scheduled to ship the end of November, 2019

3) All sales are final. We cannot accept any returns or exchanges on these items.