3 Custom Shirts for $399 Promo Flannels & Homies Checks

Epaulet by Individualized

May we present the "399" promotion! For three days, you can order three shirts for $399. For this round, we have three Portuguese flannels and three year-round twills. Choose your three favorite fabrics, and it's no problem to choose one fabric more than once. 

The only restriction is that all three shirts must be styled with the same sizing, collar, cuff, and buttons. You may upgrade the buttons on all three shirts with either Mother of Pearl or Natural Horn at a fixed upcharge of $60. If you already have custom measurements on file with us, then it's no problem to use those for this trio. Orders close Tuesday 12/15 at midnight. 

How To Order: 

After you choose your fabric, you can select from one of four fit options:

1) Epaulet Standard Fit
This is our standard cut, so if you own a stock Epaulet shirt, you may select your typical size. Detailed measurements are below if you'd like to compare it against the piece that you own. After choosing a size and any fit customizations, you'll design the collar, cuffs, and details. 

2) Use My Existing Sizing
If you've ordered a custom shirt with us before, then choose this and we'll use your most recent sizing specs. You'll then just choose collar, cuffs, and details. 

3) Use My Existing Sizing and Design Details
Many customers order several shirts at once and choose the same details for each one. If you're buying more than one shirt, you can choose the collar, cuffs, and details for the first shirt, and then use this option to quickly order more units with the same exact specs. 

4) Create a Fully Custom Profile
Our shirts are made to measure and we're very experienced in determining fit. With this selection, you'll choose your collar, cuff and details - and we'll reach out to you via email to confirm your sizing after the order is placed. 

Order Terms: 

1) All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order for you
2) Delivery will be within 4-6 weeks of order placement
3) We can accept changes to your order details within 24 hours of submission.

 Epaulet Athletic Fit Shirt

XSMALL 19" 16.5" 24.5" / 32.75 28.5" 14.5"
20" 17" 25"/ 33.5 28.5" 15"
MEDIUM 21" 17.5 25.5" / 34.25 29.5" 15.5"
LARGE 22" 18" 26" / 35 30.5" 16"
XLARGE 23" 18.5 26.5" / 35.75 31.5" 16.5"


24" 19" 27" / 36.5 31.5" 17"

 Note: All measurements below are of the standard Epaulet fit. Chest is measured from one armpit seam to the other. Shoulder is measured from one shoulder seam to the other, across the back of the shirt. Sleeve (the first number) is measured from the shoulder seam to the cuff. Length is measured from the base of the collar to the bottom of the tail. Collar is measured from the middle of the button to the middle of the button-hole. 

Please note that each shirt is cut by hand. As such, actual measurements may deviate from this chart by up to a half-inch.