AR Trunk

Epaulet Brand

Indigo Sashiko Suit

Nuovo 41, -2 Inches body length, -1.25 Sleeve inseam to sample

Yoke of size 40

Breast Welt, Open Patch Hip

Liners: Navy Skulls Sleeve / S1011 Purple Butterfly Top

Felt: Dark Lavender 26756A

Buttons: MOP07 Dark Grey

Surgeons Cuffs

Pants: Nico 34.5, add 0.5 to thigh, add brace buttons inside

Gold Zipper



3-Ply Oxford

Base Large, Chest 37, -2.1/4 to sleeve, -1 length, 16 collar, spec cuff, yoke 17.5

Trophy Collar, Regular cuff, regular buttons,

Monogram Purple, Style 50, AMR, LC Location