Compact Folding Wallet Black Saffiano Leather


The Compact Folding Wallet is a stylish and quite practical way to carry all of your daily necessities. 

Given the slim fit of our trousers, chinos, and jackets, we sought to develop a wallet with a smaller footprint. Something that could slip into a sportcoat breast pocket or a pant rear pocket with less bulkiness than a typical billfold. But also something that could hold all of the cards and cash that we need to carry. This Compact Wallet strikes the proper balance and ticks all of the boxes with 5 card slots (but capacity for up to 8 cards) and two folded bill slots. This particular wallet is made in jet black Saffiano leather. It measures 4 inches (10cm) wide by 3 inches (7.6cm) tall

Our Saffiano leather beings its journey as full-grain calfskin at a tannery in Northern Italy. The leather is laid out and hot-pressed with a metal dye to yield the signature cross-hatch pattern. From there, a multi-layer and permanent hard wax coating is applied on top. 

The resulting leather is remarkable. Given the quality of the original skin, it's soft, pliable, and light. Its textured finish and wax coating give it remarkable water, stain, and scratch resistance. Water simply beads up and rolls off the surface. Dirt and other unpleasantness wipes off with a moist cloth. And the cross-hatch structure masks any small surface scratches from normal use. It's ideal for a high-quality small leather item.