Ends For Friends Shirting Promotion June 2019

Epaulet by Gitman Bros.

For the past 10 years, Gitman Bros has been admired for their ability to source some of the most amazing fabrics on Earth. Combine that with their meticulous construction at a legendary domestic factory, and you have a truly exceptional product. 

We're thrilled to present a new collection of 10 gorgeous fabrics, available to order in either our standard Epaulet fit (with your choice of collar) or the Gitman Vintage Camp fit (with their exclusive camp collar). Each shirt will be made to your specs in Pennsylvania and finished with genuine mother of pearl buttons. Check out the fabrics in the video below. If you're new to this program, then scroll down to read about the fits and options available. 

Please note: The Camp Collar is only available in the Gitman Camp Fit. It cannot be produced in the Epaulet standard fit. And it is the only collar available in the Gitman Camp Fit. 

The terms are as follows: 

1. All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order.
2. Orders will be closed by Thursday, June 20th OR when the fabric is sold out, whichever comes first.
3. Once the orders close, we cannot accept any size changes.
4. Delivery is scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks after orders close. We'll do all that we can to expedite the production, but there may be unforeseen delays that are beyond our control. 

Measurements & Sizing

Chest is measured from one armpit seam to the other. Shoulder is measured from one shoulder seam to the other, across the back of the shirt. Sleeve is measured from the shoulder seam to the cuff. Length is measured from the base of the collar to the bottom of the tail. 


Sleeves from Shoulder
Collar Shoulder Length
XSMALL 18" 24" 14.5" 17" 29"
19" 25" 15" 17.5" 29.5"
MEDIUM 20" 25" 15.5" 18" 30"
LARGE 21" 26" 16" 18.5" 30.5"
XLARGE 22" 26" 16.5" 19" 31"
XXLARGE 23" 27" 17" 19.5" 31.5"

The Gitman Vintage Camp fit is more generous than our in-house Epaulet fit, and the difference from one size to the next is more pronounced. If you're familiar with our fit, then you can use the following as a rough guide. Luckily, given the casual style of the Camp shirt, the fit is not that specific. If you order a long-sleeve version, then the sleeve length will match our in-house Epaulet shirting.

Epaulet Small: Order a Gitman Vintage Small
Epaulet Medium & Large: Order a Gitman Vintage Medium 
Epaulet XLarge: Order a Gitman Vintage Large
Epaulet XXLarge: Order a Gitman Vintage XL

19.5" 16.5" 9" 27"
MEDIUM 21.5" 18 9.25" 28.5"
LARGE 23.5" 19.5" 9.5" 30"
XLARGE 25.5" 21" 10" 31.5"