Hoofpick Belt Chocolate Steerhide


Made In USA

Descended from equestrian tack, the Hoofpick belt is a distinctive and stylish alternative to the usual. Its 1 1/4" width is absolutely brilliant with jeans, chinos, and casual trousers. The "pick" slips into one of the raised leather loops along the belt and gives a hold secure enough for a cattle rustler. Using sturdy American-tanned Steerhide (more info on that below) and precise union craftsmanship, the Hoofpick is a modern throwback to how quality belts used to be made. 

This piece matches gorgeous chocolate steerhide to a goldtone buckle. 


Belt size is measured (in inches) from the middle of the buckle prong to the center hole of the buckle. You should order 1-2 inches larger than your typical pant size. So if you ordinarily wear a 32 or 33 pant, please order a 34 in the belts. Please note that small variations during production is common with natural materials.

American Steerhide

Our full-grain leather is not split or lined.. its a solid, single piece of skin.. which yields the most comfort and long-term durability. Both sides are dipped into hot grease and stuffed with generous amounts of wax, yielding a final product that's incredibly strong, and lustrous. The finish is smooth, clean and flexible... and it will yield a gorgeous patina over its years of faithful service.