Made To Order Trousers Cotton Cramerton Twill & Sanded Canvas

Epaulet x Rochester Tailored Clothing

Working with our signature trouser shapes, you can choose an array of details to create your very own custom pant. Each piece will be expressly made for you by the esteemed Rochester Tailored Clothing Co. of Rochester, New York.

Looking for crucial cotton wardrobe basics? We've sourced a gorgeous collection of four-season twill and canvas fabrics, hailing from some of the best mills on Earth. Each of these options are comfortable, machine washable, versatile, and effortless to pair with your existing wardrobe. 

Scroll down to read more about the fabrics on offer. 

If you're new to our program and need help with sizing or styling, check out this measurement and fit guide for all of our trouser models.

Cramerton 8oz Cotton Twill

Cramerton Army Cloth is one of our all-time favorite chino fabrics. First manufactured in 1929 for the US Army by Cramerton Mills in North Carolina, this hard-wearing cloth became the standard uniform fabric for the American forces fighting abroad in WWII.

The fabric is 100% cotton and a year-round 8oz weight. It softens and fades beautifully with age. In the world of chino twills, we've found this to have more character than any other fabric. 

Sanded 8oz Cotton Canvas
Hailing from Brisbane Moss, this year-round 100% cotton canvas has incredibly soft and comfortable hand. The surface has been sanded for a smooth finish, and the canvas weave gives a hit of texture to the cloth. It will fade beautifully with wear. 

Vicuna & Black Double-Faced Twill
Woven by Tavex in Spain, this sturdy 10oz twill is a blend of 98% cotton and 2% lycra.The exterior of the cloth is a deep brown vicuna tone, and the interior is jet black. This makes for a rad contrast effect when you turn up the cuff.  

Indigo Cross Print Denim
Also woven by Tavex in Spain, this is a very cool and unique novelty denim. The surface has an intricate dye-sublimation print that is rich and colorfast. The interior is a medium tone indigo denim. Its 10oz weight is wearable year round. 

Rochester Tailored Clothing is based in the original Hickey Freeman factory in Rochester, New York. Dubbed "the Temple of Fine Tailoring," this storied facility has operated for over 120 years and boasts a peerless team of skilled craftspeople. 

If you're new to Epaulet altogether, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We're very experienced with fitting customers remotely.

Order terms

1. All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order.

2. Delivery is scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks from order placement. 

3. Fabric availability can change on a daily basis. After you place your order, we'll immediately submit it with RTC. If the fabric is unavailable, you will be notified within a few working days.