Epaulet Online & Physical Gift Card


Here at Epaulet, we love buying gifts for friends and family. Nothing complements the shopping rush better than a bonus hit of altruism. And then comes the part where you have to guess your stylish boyfriend's waist measurements, or ask him directly and ruin the surprise, both of which are considerably less fun. The Epaulet Gift card is the discreet solution for all manner of holiday conundrums. 

We offer two types of gift cards: 

1) You may purchase an exclusively online gift card. The redemption code and a thank you email will be sent to the email address that you enter. For this option, we advise using the email address of the recipient. 

2) You may opt for an additional physical gift card to be mailed at no charge. Tell us what you'd like written on the card and we'll ship it via first class mail to your recipient within 24 hours. This is available to all addresses in the United States. For this option, we advise using the email address of the gift buyer. The recipient will get their card in the mail. And you'll receive the code via email as a backup. Please enter mailing address & note to recipient in below fields.

Whether you choose online only or online + physical, the code is retained in our system and your gift amount never expires.